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It shall be the purpose and mission of the Stringtown Historical Foundation to preserve the rich legacy of the Stringtown area, support historical education, create community awareness, and continue neighborhood beautification projects.

Stringtown Historical Foundation has an exciting event happening right now with the Jefferson Highway preservation efforts taking place. At one time Jeffereson Highway went right through our county and was the link between Palm and Pines!

In 1916, at the dawn of the age of automobile tourism, the Jefferson Highway became the first transnational highway in the United States. It connected existing roads between Winnipeg, Manitoba and New Orleans, Louisiana, and was advertised as the “Pines to Palms” Highway. It entered the northwest corner of the state, angled southeast to Minneapolis-St. Paul, then went south, exiting near Albert Lea, Minnesota.

Click here to see the Jefferson Highway Map:

The Stringtown Historical Foundation is now working to mark our county with signs for the Jefferson Highway and those can be purchased by you! Contact the Chamber of Commerce for more information.

Check out below how the historical society restored this historic home!